PT Samudra Montaz’s entry into the flexible packaging industry was initiated through the manufacture of sugar, salt, and pepper sachets for hoteliers and reatauranteurs all over Indonesia.

In 1977, with the opening of its factory in Klender, the company’s business steadily evolved to embrace mass production of packaging materials for dried goods, instant noodle, sweets, and cosmetics. As a pioneer in flexible packaging for costumer goods, PT Samudra Montaz has gained the approval and recognition as a leader among the Indonesian Association of Packaging Industries. Anticipating the growing need for high quality packaging, PT Samudra Montaz presents a wide range of services to its customers, comprising 8 color printing, laminating (PE, PP, SP), bag making, shrink labelling and sugar, pepper, and salt filling.

The packaging material produced can be catagorized into three types: polycello for food products, such as biscuits, cookies and crackers, ice cream, chocolates, caramels, candies, cakes, instant noodles, traditional medicinal herbs and gelatin; polypaper for tea, coffee, sugar, salt, seasoning and spices; and polycellanium for soap, shampoo, cream and traditional herbs. The company’s impressive performance in producing and maintaining the superior quality of its products is supported by latest in technological development, such as rotogravure printing which produces high quality printing, sterilized coating and vacuum packaging to ensure products that meet hygienic requirements. The company’s steps in modernization are consciously accompanied by environment conservation efforts through recycling plastic waste into plastic buckets and raffia fibre. To meet the increasing demand for packaging materials, 1996 marks the operation of the company’s second factory in Cikarang. Supported by 200 highly skilled and factory-trained employees in addition to a sophisticated range of equipments, PT Samudra Montaz is committed to the continued production of quality products in an effort to confidently face future challenges and render the most satisfactory services to its customers.