Samudra Montaz established in 1974 has a long experiences in flexible packaging business. At the time the founder H. Teuku Zagloel, SE. established the company to develop country by providing more chances for Indonesia becoming a modern society.

In the beginning, PT. Samudra Montaz employed several machines handled by a few operators. Started from a very simple technology in 70’s such as filling machine for sugar and toothpick and also six colors printing machine, the company has been growing and expanding by providing the high technology machines. Nowadays, PT. Samudra Montaz have two divisions : Packing Division and Convert Division.


Packing Division

Samudra Montaz is a pioneer in making sugar sachet for hotels, restaurants, banks and offices. Currently, PT. Samudra Montaz is the biggest supplier in packaging of sugar, salt, pepper, non-dairy creamer, toothpick and straw sachet in Indonesia.

By achieving 90% market share of all five and four stars hotel such as Grand Hyatt Hotel, Borobudur Hotel, Indonesia Hotel, Gran Melia Hotel, Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Sahid Jaya Hotel, Sheraton Hotel, Hilton Hotel and any huge restaurants such as Wendys, Kentucky FC, and etc makes PT. Samudra Montaz as the market leader in this business.

Our company has achieved the HACCP Certificate (Hazard Analytical Critical Control Point) from Mc Donald Hongkong proved that our process in the factory has passed the tight test in producing a hygiene product and safe to be consumed by every surface people.


Convert Division

In 1978 Convert Division was established as a starting point for PT. Samudra Montaz entered the flexible packaging business with main products printed packaging for instant noodle.

Currently, PT. Samudra Montaz has expanded to the modern and high technology machines and employed 300 persons. Sinces 1992, as the year of second generation led by Dr. Ir. T. Yuri M. Zagloel, M. Eng, Sc., PT. Samudra Montaz hired new professional managers and commited to employ modern management system based on Standard International ISO 9001:2000 which is has continuous improvement  concept.

The growing of customer expectation for packaging forced the R&D Department creates, effective and attractive packages and fills out all the requirements of the customers.

Many improvements have been made including improve the quality of human resources which is started from the tight recruitment and selection then provide the regular and focused training to answer the challenge in global competitive future.

Therefore, since 1996, has opened the other new factory in Lippo Cikarang with 12000m2 as the result of the custome’s faithfulness.

At present, PT. Samudra Montaz has served more than 200 costumers, which are some big customers